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The Apun Bahan Scheme in Assam was just established by the government. This initiative has been created for Assam State government employees. This plan was launched at the latest Assam State Cabinet meeting. The government would provide a loan to government employees to purchase vehicles under this arrangement. Women and men who work for the government and want to buy a car will be given financial assistance in the form of a government subsidy under this arrangement.

The Assam government has also created a house loan program for state employees. The government would also provide them with a home loan as part of this initiative. varying automobiles will have varying interest rates. How can government employees apply for the Apun Bahan Scheme, what the eligibility criteria will be, what documents will be required, how much interest will have to be paid after taking the loan, and what the registration process for the Apun Bahan Scheme Assam 2024 will be, you must read this article until the end to learn more about this scheme.

Apun Bahan Scheme Assam

Apun Bahan Scheme Assam 

The government announced this scheme for its state’s government employees. Under this initiative, if men and women in Assam State who are government employees wish to buy a car, the government will offer them a loan to do so. This proposal was announced at the Cabinet meeting on August 2, 2023. The government would also grant a loan to all government employees who are judged to be eligible under this scheme. The government will implement this subsidy system through regional banks, rural banks, and banks approved by the Reserve Bank of India.

The Assam Government would issue a loan to male government employees with a 2% subsidy for the purchase of diesel and gasoline automobiles. In addition, if they purchase an electric vehicle, the loan rate will be 3%. The government will grant the beneficiary with a loan of up to RS 2,50,000 under this initiative. The Assam Government has approved a budget of RS 12 crore for this initiative. The Assam government has allocated RS 108 crores for a home loan plan and a vehicle scheme for government employees.

Details of Apun Bahan Scheme Assam

  Scheme name    Apun Bahan Scheme
Aim and benefit  Providing a loan for buying a vehicle
Launched by theAssam Government
AmountRS 2,50,000
Interest rate2% for diesel or petrol vehicles, and 3% for electric vehicles
Budget for the vehicle loan schemeRS 12 crore
Total budget  RS 108 crore

Features of Apun Bahan Scheme Assam

  • Male employees who purchase diesel or gasoline vehicles will receive a 2% interest subsidy. For electric vehicles, the incentive rises to 3%. 
  • Female employees and employees with disabilities will receive a 3% interest subsidy on the purchase of any vehicle.
  • A total of 108 crore has been set aside for government employees to borrow homes and vehicles.
  • Employees can borrow up to 15 lakh rupees or 48 times their net monthly income, whichever is less.
  • The Assam government introduced the “Apun Ghar” plan, which has helped 36,159 employees and totaled a loan portfolio of 4,984 crore.


  • Aadhar card of Government Employee.
  • Salary detail.
  • Mobile number or email ID.
  • Resident certificate.
  • Job proof that you doing a government job for the last 5 years.
  • Passport-size photos.
  • Voter card or any ID proof.
  • Government Job ID proof.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The beneficiary must be an Assam State permanent resident.
  • Beneficiaries must access this scheme through Reserve Bank of India-approved banks, regional banks, and rural banks.
  • The applicant should not already own any of his automobiles.
  • The applicant must be a government employee.
  • Families of government employees should have an annual salary of less than RS 20 lakh.
How to Apply Online for the Assam Apun Vahan Scheme?

The government has not yet released the official website for Apun Behan Yojana Assam. Eligible applicants can apply after the release of the official website. Stay connected with us for more information.

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