Delhi Shopping Festival 2024 Location, Products List, Last Date

Festivals last 10 to 20 days in India, but there is no such thing as a month-long festival. Arvind Kejriwal, the Chief Minister of Delhi, has announced a mega festival in Delhi from January 28 to February 26. The event is known as the Delhi Shopping Festival. This portal will be India’s largest festival to date; if well received, it will be included among the top festivals in the world list and expanded even further.

The Chief Minister of Delhi, Shri Arvind Kejriwal, has announced a mega festival in Delhi. This portal will run from January 28 to February 26, In March, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia presented the Employment Budget Delhi Shopping Festival 2024, which included many projects, including this festival. With the help of this shopping festival, the work of stimulating the city’s economy will be completed in 2024, providing employment opportunities for unemployed citizens of the state and allowing local businesses to more effectively share the unique culture of Delhi on a global scale.

Delhi Shopping Festival

Details of DDC Shopping 

Article about दिल्ली शॉपिंग फेस्टिवल
Category Delhi Government Schemes
Objective Boost the Economy Of the State
Launched By By Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi Govt.
Beneficiaries Citizens Of India
Application Procedure Online/Offline
Official Website Will Be Launched Soon
Year 2024

Objectives of the Delhi Shopping Festival

Following the Corona epidemic, unemployment in Delhi skyrocketed, and many citizens’ businesses were destroyed. In light of this, the Chief Minister of Delhi has launched the दिल्ली शॉपिंग फेस्टिवल 2024, which will improve not only the economic condition of India’s capital but also the country’s international image. The government of the Chief Minister of India’s capital is known for its innovative ideas, which led to the establishment of this festival. The main goal of the दिल्ली शॉपिंग फेस्टिवल is to boost the economy of the capital Delhi by assisting entrepreneurs in moving forward.

Facts of One Month-Long Shopping Festival

  • Shopping Festival in Delhi This month-long festival, which India has never seen before, has begun in the capital of Delhi. However, such a large festival should be zone-specific, making it easier for consumers to visit the desired locations.
  • Brand recognition programs will be organized to ensure that people visiting all these markets participate.
  • These festival awards take the form of gifts, as is customary in most Indian festivals.
  • These festivals will also feature movie tickets, children’s activities such as face painting, magic shows, art competitions, decorations, an Indian college band, light and sound shows, talent shows, street theater fashion shows, and celebrity talks.
  • Aside from that, musicians, actors, dancers, comedians, and others will be involved in these campaigns.
  • The दिल्ली शॉपिंग फेस्टिवल plans to expand into adjacent markets in the second year.
  • Under this Delhi Shopping Festival 2024, Delhi will be divided into five sections, with international-level exhibitions organized according to theme. These will be distributed in the following directions: north, south, east, west, and central.
  • There will also be an exhibition to raise awareness about health and spirituality, arts and literature, gaming and technology, and environmental impacts.

Who is Eligible Under the दिल्ली शॉपिंग फेस्टिवल?

All citizens of the society, including children, youth, the elderly, women, merchants, the rich, the poor, the middle class, and all citizens from all walks of life, are eligible for the दिल्ली शॉपिंग फेस्टिवल 2024. This festival will benefit all of those people, and it will also increase employment opportunities in the state so that almost no citizen of the state will be unemployed.

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