How to Pay Bajaj Finserv Loan Online Payment Method?

Bajaj Financial is a financial firm that gives you a loan to buy products and then requires you to pay that money back in the form of an EMI. Bajaj Financing is a well-known financing firm that is widely regarded as the largest EMI loan provider in India. If you have a loan with Bajaj Finance and need to pay your EMI, you can do it online. Regular EMI is often debited from the bank account automatically, but if your EMI is late, you must go online and pay it. In this tutorial, you will learn how to make an online payment to Bajaj Finance. How can make online payments to Bajaj Finance is explained thoroughly.

What you’ll need to make a Bajaj Finance online payment?

  • Loan Account Number – Your Bajaj Finance Loan Account Number (LAN) is required. This number will be provided to you in the EMI paper.
  • Mobile Number Registered in Bank for Card Payment – If you pay by debit or credit card, keep the mobile number registered with the bank with you. You will receive an OTP on this number.

How can make online payments to Bajaj Finance? 

By following the steps outlined below, you can pay your overdue Bajaj EMI online.

  1. To begin, access the Bajaj Finance website in your phone or computer’s browser –
  2. The homepage of Bajaj Finance will be opened in a new window. Click the My Account link from here.
  3. From the opened menu, select PAY NOW.
  4. A new browser tab will now open with a form. input your loan account number here and correctly input the CAPTCHA code displayed. Now press the Verify button.
  5. The loan information will be displayed on the next screen. Details such as your name, loan account number, overdue EMI amount, and so on will be listed here.
  6. After you have verified the information, click the Proceed button.
  7. Enter the amount you need to pay, your phone number, and your email address on the next screen. Scroll down the screen a little and check the box next to the I agree line before clicking the Pay Now option.

Bajaj Finserv Insta EMI Card

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