Delhi E Pass

Delhi E Pass: The whole world is currently fighting the Corona epidemic and every country is making every possible effort to help its people deal with this disease and end it as soon as possible. Through this article, we will share with you the newly launched Delhi E Pass 2024, which was launched by Delhi Chief Minister Kejriwal Ji to deliver essential goods and services. We will tell you about the registration process for the Delhi Curfew Pass, and we will also tell you about the application process for the pass today.

Delhi E Pass

The lockdown was imposed by Delhi’s Chief Minister in response to Shri Arvind Kejriwal’s recent Coronavirus infection. The Supreme Court imposed Section 144 after taking cognizance of the growing Corona cases in Delhi. Everyone who works to provide essential services will be issued a Delhi E Pass 2024. Any type of traffic that does not have a curfew pass will be completely shut down. The government has urged all Delhi residents to remain at home and assist in the fight against Corona.

Details of Delhi E Pass

Name Delhi E Pass 2024 Coronavirus Pass
Category Delhi Govt. Schemes
Objective Free movement in the city
Beneficiaries Essential service providers
Launched by Arvind Kejriwal
Official Website
Year 2024

Exemption During Weekend Curfew

  • Persons going for COVID-19 testing or vaccination will be allowed to proceed upon production of a valid identification card.
  • Pregnant women and patients will be permitted to receive Medical and Health Services, along with an attendant, upon production of a valid identity card and a doctor’s prescription.
  • Exam staff deployed for exam duties will be permitted to travel upon production of a valid identity card or examination duty order.
  • Private medical personnel such as doctors, nurses, and paramedics, as well as other hospital services such as hospitals, Diagnostic Centers, testing, laboratories, clinics, paramedics, pharmaceutical companies, medical oxygen suppliers, and other Medical and Health Services, are permitted to travel with a valid ID card.
  • Movement of judges and all judicial officers, staff members of the Delhi High Court, as well as advocates and legal counsels associated with the case hearing, is permitted upon production of identification.
  • Marriage-related gatherings of up to 20 people will be permitted with the production of soft and hard copies of the marriage card.
  • Persons holding any constitutional post, as well as officers and officials in the offices of diplomats from various countries, are permitted to travel with a valid identity card.
  • Officers and officials involved in critical and emergency services will be permitted. During the night and weekend curfews, they must show a valid identity card.
  • Officers and officials of the Government of India, its autonomous and subordinate officers, and public sector undertakings will be permitted to move by the restrictions imposed upon the production of a valid identity card.

Delhi Curfew Pass of Official Website

The official website of the Delhi E Pass 2024, which has been launched by the authorities, has also been launched by the Chief Minister of Delhi to assist and make available various types of incentives. The website provides the following options: –

  • Rationing is required for food.
  • Compensation of 5000 rupees for workers
  • E-ticket for travel
  • Amount of Pension
Eligibility For Delhi Lockdown E-pass
  • Storage of essential items
  • Manufacturing of essential items
  • Transport of essential items
  • Shops of essential items
  • Media
Required Documents
  • ID Proof
  • Shop License
  • Business License
  • Visiting Card
Apply Online for Delhi Curfew E-Pass 2024

If you want to apply for an e-pass in Delhi, simply follow the steps outlined below: –

1st Step

  • First, you must visit the Delhi E-Pass 2024 Official Website. The website’s home page will then appear in front of you.
  • On the home page, you must now select the application form option. Following that, the application form will appear in front of you, and this company must enter all of the requested information.

The following information will be recorded: –

  • Contact Number Applicant Name District Office or Place of Employment
  • Service Provided
  • Date & Time of E Pass Duration

2nd Step

  • Upload Identification Proof
  • Any other documents, such as a visiting card or a shop/business license
  • Click the submit button.
  • The pass will be mailed to you.
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