Delhi Electric Vehicle Policy 2024 Apply Online, Benefits, Motive?

The Delhi Electric Vehicle Policy 2024 is available in PDF format at The Delhi EV Policy 2024 is India’s most progressive EV policy and one of the best in the world. It lays out an ambitious plan for Delhi to drastically reduce vehicular air pollution and become one of the world’s leading cities for EV adoption. The Delhi government hopes that by 2024, one out of every four vehicles sold in the city will be an electric vehicle.

The overarching goal of the Delhi EV Policy is to improve Delhi’s air quality while also creating an entire supply-chain ecosystem for this new segment of vehicles. To significantly improve Delhi’s air quality, the policy aims to deploy 25% of all new vehicles as battery-powered vehicles by 2024. The Delhi EV policy seeks to increase demand generation as a means of ensuring mass adoption and rapid proliferation. The Delhi EV Policy has used a combination of fiscal and non-fiscal incentives to ensure demand generation.

Delhi Electric Vehicle Policy

Details of the Delhi EV Policy Scheme 

Article about  Delhi Electric Vehicle Policy 2024
Beneficiary Citizens of Delhi
Objective Reduce pollution rates by promoting the purchase of electronic vehicles.
Who launched the scheme Delhi Government
year 2024
Official website Scheme available or not available

The objective of Delhi Electric Vehicle Policy 

While the incentive structure includes a purchase incentive, a scrapping incentive on the de-registration of old vehicles, and interest waivers, non-financial incentives will include road-tax exemptions, green-registration plates for EVs, license-fee exemptions, and single-window clearances. The demand incentive available across various segments is expected to have a positive impact on the vehicle’s overall return on investment. The Delhi Electric Vehicle Policy 2024 includes provisions to support battery-swapping operations. While there are some theoretical and operational challenges associated with battery-swapping systems, the policy may be a step toward ensuring the practical (and commercial) use of battery-swapping technologies.

Features and Benefits

  • People will be encouraged to purchase electric vehicles under this policy. As a result, pollution levels will fall.
  • Incentives ranging from Rs 30,000 to 1.5 lakh will be provided under the policy when purchasing an electric vehicle.
  • This Delhi Electric Vehicle Policy 2024 will create a large number of new job opportunities.
  • A loan interest rebate will be provided for the purchase of a commercial electronic vehicle.
  • The government has set the goal of bringing at least 25% of vehicles under the ambit of electronic vehicles by 2024 under this scheme.
  • Charging stations will be built in Delhi as part of the scheme.
  • This scheme will establish a State EV Fund, a State Electric Board, and an EV Cell.

Delhi Electric Vehicle Policy Implementation

  • Exemptions will be granted in auction for the purchase of electric vehicles through electronic retail outlets, as well as exemptions from road tax.
  • A State Electric Board was established, led by Delhi’s superstar Kailash Jihoge.
  • This insurance company will also receive a dedicated EV cell.
  • Within a year, 200 reservation stations will be built across Delhi under this organization. Which will be in the 3 km luggage.
  • Students from Delhi Electric Companies received training in the field of electric tradesmen.
  • Under Electric Private Limited, an EV fund will be established to handle the expenses incurred as a result of this collaboration.
Application for Delhi Electric Vehicle Policy

If interested state beneficiaries want to take advantage of this scheme, they should follow the steps outlined below.

  • First, you must visit the scheme’s official website. The home page will appear after you visit the official website.
  • The registration option is available on this home page. You must select this option. The following page will appear after you click on the option.
  • On this page, you must enter all of the information requested in the registration form. After entering all of your information, click the submit button. Your application will be completed in this manner.

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